Monday, October 16, 2006

My Own Advice

fairy hideous photo of me with bobbed hairphoto of a 15-inch long severed ponytail lying on a shelf, ready to be donated to Locks Of Love
Well, it almost happened ... there was almost a time when I was happy I cut my hair. While on R&R in Vegas, I took leave of my senses and look what I did! I loved it ... for a few days, until it came time to wash it and blow dry it and curl it and worry about getting it wet ... what a pain! Was I stupid or what? It looks fine as long as I put a lot of work into it, but oh how I miss the wash it, braid it, sleep on it, and it's done. No work, no fuss, no worry. Oh, well ... two more years and I'll have it back and, meanwhile, maybe a young child will be able to put it to good use through Locks Of Love. Why is it I've never been able to remember my own advice, even with so much experience behind it? SIGH!


Gombojav said...

WOW!! You cut OFF 15 inches?! Amazing! Even when I try my hair never grows that long.

Kasey said...

Wendy, you look great! The shorter hair is quite flattering. :)

Interesting that you're giving your hair to Locks of Love. My sister just called me the other day asking if I would chop my hair for the same reason. But my hair is layered, and in order to get a decent amount, I'd have to get a pixie cut because my upper layers are still too short. I promised that I'd continue to let my hair grow rather than have Trav trim it for me. Once it's long enough, I'll have him whack it and then relayer it.

deborah said...


You look great! I gave 14 inches to Locks of Love this year too!!

deborah said...

WOW!! I cut off 14 inches for Locks of Love this year too!