Sunday, July 30, 2006

50 Little Factoids About Me

1--Jesus is first in my life.
2--Family is second.
3--I'm a very happily married homemaker.
4--There aren't very many things I like better than chocolate.
5--I'm not afraid of color but I hate orange.
6--There has never been a time when I was happy I cut my hair.
7--I can't be bothered with make-up.
8--Star-gazing on a dark night is awesome!
9--There are 814 Beanie Babies in my bedroom.
10--I've kissed my husband at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
11--I'm highly allergic to the sun.
12--My nephew's six cats are all named after comic book characters.
13--Some amount of alone time every day is an absolute must-have.
14--I'm a descendant of Lord Fergus McCubbin of Scotland.
15--The only thing purely Irish in me is my temper.
16--For the most part, I prefer being quiet and invisible.
17--My brother is a slot machine tech at a casino in Vegas.
18--I dabble a little bit in quilting but generally hate sewing.
19--I adore waterfalls.
20--I kept guinea pigs for sixteen years.
21--I used to be afraid of heights and flying but not anymore.
22--I'm fairly proficient at Braille.
23--I have a moral aversion to dunking Oreo cookies in milk.
24--Anything with mayonnaise or equiv is disgusting, including ranch dressing.
25--I'm at my functional best when it's between 50 and 60 degrees.
26--My husband proposed to me 23 years after we got married.
27--I've seen Aurora Borealis but would love to see it once more before I die.
28--I can play a bodhrán (an Irish frame drum) ... not an expert, just basic.
29--My sister is a professional dog whisperer and trainer.
30--I've been creatively writing since age 8.
31--I'm severely monofocal.
32--Volunteering at the hospital gift shop is my "playtime".
33--99% of the time I despise wearing dresses.
34--I love dollar stores.
35--I've written one novel and am currently working on its prequel/sequel.
36--The first novel took fifteen years to write.
37--I have over 24 million points at Bejeweled 2, Endless.
38--I've won over 100 ribbons at the AZ State Fair.
39--Through trial and error for a year, I developed a perfect zucchini bread recipe... obviously I love to bake.
41--I know how to decorate cakes.
42--My favorite Baskin-Robbins flavor is German Chocolate Cake.
43--There are 11 years between my sister and me.
44--My sister was married 11 years before me.
45--There are nearly 11 years between my sister's oldest son and mine.
46--There are nearly 11 years between my sister's youngest son and mine.
47--My AZ living room is decorated like a Pacific NW wildlife lodge.
48--I once hurt a rhinoceros's feelings and atoned for it years later.
49--I hate practical jokes.
50--I'm addicted to Fill-It-In puzzles.

and a bonus 51--On our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband and I reaffirmed our marriage vows, of all places, outside the cell house at Alcatraz. (We decided on our trip to San Francisco that, wherever we were at 1:30pm on our anniversary day, we'd renew our vows there ... and that's where we were.)

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Gombojav said...

I would love to hear the story behind the rhino's hurt feelings....